At Vintage Wine Marketing, the mission is simple: provide the best representation in the state of Texas. A combination of distributor management, customer outreach and consumer awareness building is used to produce the best results for the brands we represent.

Our distributors and their sales teams are our partners. Not only are we managing the inventory and shipment levels, we are providing ongoing education and incentives to the sales team. We also utilize market visits and sales representative assistance to progress each brand. As we see it, the sales team is a great asset to making sure the brand is being represented to its full potential.

With years of experience in the market, Vintage has developed key buyer relationships throughout the state. In partnership with our sales teams, we create specific programs that get results. Vintage manages and supports the business in each account. We provide them with staff education, special requests, and keep the account informed of developing news and events from the winery. We also leverage our winery principals to reinforce the brand image.

Consumer awareness is key to growing our brands. Vintage has a number of promotional activities throughout the year that range from consumer tastings to large events, all intended to introduce wines to a new consumer set.  We are proud of our reputation as an innovative and results oriented company. We provide the growth and identity building opportunities that get results.

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